Softball Canada Indicator Club

The objective of this Club is to acknowledge contributions made by individual umpires to the officiating program across Canada. This award is not open to Level V umpires. The award is given out every three (3) years to deserving umpires from each Province and Territory. To view the complete list of winners, click here.

  Registered Softball Saskatchewan Umpire Benefits

   Official recognition by Softball Saskatchewan and Softball Canada as a qualified softball official
   Provides opportunities for advancement to different levels of softball, from local to national
   Once fully registered, quallify for comprehensive insurance coverage
   Umpires are provided a fee for each game they officiate
   Encouragement and support through on-field umpire development and evaluation. Senior umpires will
   review your progress in actual game situations and provide helpful advice on how to improve you
   umpiring skills
   Provides a sense of purpose, empowerment, personal achievement, and reward
   Provides a natural pathway as involvement in the sport does not have to end when playing days are
   over and, instead, an umpire's career can last a lifetime

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