Learn to Play: BlastBall and Active Softball School Program


   BlastBall is the first softball/baseball type game specifically designed for children who have no experience
   playing softball (i.e. Kindergarten to Grade 2). It was a definite hit at the 2007 SPEA Conference where   
   dozens of Physical Educators experienced first hand how it can help them fulfill the requirements set out in
   the Physical Education Curriculum. BlastBall is very flexible and can be incorporated into the Physical
   Education Curriculum in a variety of ways. It can fit into a unit teachers are presently teaching on the basic movement patterns of sending and receiving, or it can be used as the main method of introducing these key movement patterns.

Active Softball

Active Softball is designed for Grades 3-8 to teach students movement skills and concepts through the sport of Softball.  Active Softball introduces combinations of loco-motor movements using different drills and applies a variety of tactical solutions while developing interpersonal skills during the different physical activities

Initiatives: opportunities to get equipment or money for your team, league, or Association! Please take a look at Softball Canada Initiatives for the Learn To Play program.

  BlastBall & Active Softball Loaner Kit Program

   The BlastBall loaner kit program exists to provide schools/groups the opportunity to participate in the sport of Softball by having access to proper equipment. Included in these kits are 2 blast bases, 2 foam bats, 2 tee, 6 cones, 12 whiffle balls, 12 foam balls, 10 rubber bases, and 1 teacher’s guide. The Active Softball kit comprises of game board (4’ x 4’), set of Activity Cards (72), rules & skills guide, 6 playing pieces (sponge softball pucks), 6 sponge dice, and 2 foam bats.

Loaner Kits

In order to be eligible to receive a loaner kit, schools must complete all forms requested by Softball Saskatchewan. In all cases, we anticipate full usage of this equipment for a number of different grades and classes within a school. For more information, please download the request form or e-mail the Softball Sask Office. BlastBall Equipment is available from Home Run Sports

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