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Tim Hortons Learn to Play Program

The Tim Hortons Learn to Play Program (LTP) is a revolutionary way of introducting the sport of softball to children. LTP ensures children of all skill levels have FUN while improving their fitness levels and developing their Fundamental Movement Skills.

   LTP ensures children have fun while improving their fitness & developing their skills, is           action-packed, fosters success for all ability levels, and has easy-to-follow lesson plans for     new & experienced coaches. This program also contains activities and lead-up games that     are patterned after informal Playground Games, gives every child more opportunities to         develop softball skills because everyone is active for every minute of every season, and is     nationally  recognized and approved.

   There are three (3) levels in the LTP program. These levels are a progression of skill
   development. Players are placed into a level based upon age and/or abilities. The levels         go as follows:

Level 1: 5 to 7 Years with one (1) hour sessions made up entirely of the prepared lesson plans 
Level 2: 7 to 8 Years with 45 minutes using prepared lesson plans followed by a 45 minute modified game 
Level 3: 9 to 10 Years with 30 minutes using the prepared lesson plans followed by a one (1) hour modified game

LTP Manual

LTP has very simple lesson plans for parents and coaches and promises lots of action in a positive environment for all children.

Inside the LTP Manual you will find prepared lesson plans, easy-to-follow instructions, progressions for teaching basic skills, and lead-up games designed to simulate the real game of softball. 

   LTP allows coaches and children to explore the wonderful sport of Softball. Participants will
   go home happy and will look forward to the next LTP session. To get your own copy of the     LTP Manual, contact the office at info@softball.sk.ca or 306-780-9235

   The LTP CD-ROM is no longer available for purchase but will be available for download         from Softball Canada later in 2015.Other helpful tools for coaches include the following:

   Shuffle Batting Order - click here
   Shifting Batting Order - click here
   Fielding Roster - click here

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