Maintenance of Certification and PD Points

 General Information

Softball Saskatchewan along with Softball Canada and the Coaching Association of Canada recognize the value of having certified NCCP coaches who are engaged in Professional Development programs, which reinforce the values of lifelong learning and sharing within the coaching community.

All coaches who have been certified in any Softball’s NCCP contexts [Competition-Introduction, Softball (became certified between 2005-2016) & Competition-Development, Softball (2011-2016)] you will be required to obtain Professional Development (PD) points to maintain your NCCP certification. This is a part of a multi-sport initiative required by all 67 sports within the Coaching Association of Canada. This does not impact any softball coach who has “In Training” or “Trained” status.

Softball Canada (SC) & Coaches Association of Canada (CAC) finalized our coaching program August 2016 and flipped the switch to transfer all our old NCCP softball coaching course into the new NCCP softball coaching courses. You should have received the email below regarding this switch. 

Your Levels-NCCP credentials are still valid and recognized in the sport community. They will not expire or be removed from your transcript.

You are being awarded this equivalency so that the NCCP coaching partnership can better serve you and provide you with information and opportunities that are relevant to today’s coaching demands and in today’s coaching environment.

Recent changes in the NCCP include an emphasis on coaching ethics and recognizing professional development and ongoing training as essential for coaches. As a result of the transition to the new NCCP program, all coaches with a CERTIFIED status will be subject to Maintenance of Certification.  In order for NCCP coaches to maintain their status, they will be required to obtain Professional Development (PD) points.  All NCCP programs require certified coaches to complete PD on a five year cycle of January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2021 - any PD points acquired between September 28, 2016 and January 1, 2017 will count in the 2017-2021 cycle.

Please visit the CAC’s Maintenance of Certification page, to find more information on professional development opportunities and points, as well as a list of frequently asked questions. Below you will find minimum professional development points requirements, as well as various activities that will grant you those points.

We strongly advise you to become familiar with your transcript and the Locker and regularly login ( and go to The Locker – you will need your NCCP# and password), to see the progress you have made with NCCP and PD activities. The CAC has published a Transfer of Qualifications FAQ page should you have any questions about your new Competition, Instruction, or Community Sport qualifications. Should you have any further questions after having consulted the resource page, you may want to contact your national sport organization or the CAC’s Coach and Partner Services team at 613-235-5000 or

Thank you for investing your time, energy, and passion into the National Coaching Certification Program!

Now all our Competition Introduction and Competition Development (old Level 2 & 3) coaches need to acquire Professional Development (PD) points.

  Why do I need to maintain 
  my certification?

   The NCCP is asking Certified coaches to
   continue learning to help developing the best
   athletic performance from our athletes as well
   as and the integrity of the NCCP. This can be
   done through coaching professional
   development as well as actively coaching.

  When does this take effect?

   Softball Coaches are able to accumulate points
   effective as of January 1, 2014 onwards as well
   as from the point of certification after January 1,

What are the minimum requirements for me to retain my NCCP Certification?

Context Minimum Professional Development Credits required for a period of 5 years

Community Stream - Learn2Coach and Community              Softball Coach

Competition - Introduction, Softball 20 points
Competition - Development, Softball 30 points


How can I accumulate Professional Development (PD) points?

PD points can be earned through a variety of activities that certified coaches already participate in. These activities include national and provincial sport organization conferences and workshops, coaching committees, e-Learning modules, NCCP workshops, coach mentorship programs, and active coaching and/or instructing.

There are many ways to accumulate points. Events that are organized by Softball Canada, Softball Saskatchewan, Coaching Association of Canada, or Provincial/ Territorial Coaching Representatives will all advertise the number of PD points associated with the event. It is very important to first contact Softball Saskatchewan before attending an event to ensure the event you are attending does count for PD points.

Please ensure that you contact Softball Saskatchewan before attending an event as retroactive events will not be accepted as per the Coaching Association of Canada’s policy (i.e. if you attend an event that has not been pre-approved by the necessary parties and report it for points).

Please contact Softball Saskatchewan (Jacqueline Eiwanger at or Softball Canada (Lise Jubinville at for more details on softball specific opportunities that count towards PD points. Click here for PD opportunities.

Self-Reporting and Active Coaching

The CAC has added a “self-reporting” functionality in the Locker. As a result, and in addition to completing the Active Coaching Declaration and earning one Professional Development (PD) point a year, coaches may NOW self-direct their learning in the Locker and declare up to three PD points per maintenance cycle.

Self-directed learning is described as learning opportunities that are not offered by a sport, are not directly related to sport, or are non-NCCP courses. Examples of self-directed learning include

   First aid training
   Leadership courses
   Safety training

To complete the self-reported PD declaration, coaches will need to log in to their Locker account and click on the “Self-Report” tab found under “Certification."

For more information, please visit the Self-Reporting and Active Coaching page or consult the Maintenance of Certification frequently asked questions.

Should you have any questions, please contact your coaching consultant.

What events can I self-report?

Actively coaching or instructing is one of the points softball coaches can self-report each year on your own behalf and report directly through the Coaching Association of Canada. Simply log into to,and on the left hand side of your transcript, you will see a “self-report” section. Click and follow the prompts.

How long do I have to accumulate my points?

You will have five (5) years to get the required number of points for Softball. Your time to have this completed is tracked on your Locker profile. Please log into your Locker profile to determine the time frame you need have Professional Development points collected by.

What qualifies for points towards Maintenance of Certification?

  Activity Category Points Limitations
Softball Actively
1 point/year for every season Coached
1 point/year for NCCP Learning Faciltator/Evaluator activity
To a maximum number of points equal to the number of years of the certification renewal period:  5 Years
Softball NCCP
5 points/module No maximum or minimum
Softball Non Activity*      3 points for approx. 3 hours of activity No maximum or minimum
Softball Coach Self-Directed
3 points for the valid certificaiton period Maximium of 3 ponts for certification renewal period
Softball Re-evaluation
in Context
100% of the points required for
PD credit in the context
No other PD is required if a Coaches choose re-evaluation
Multi-Sport               NCCP
5 points/module No maximum or minimum
Mulit-Sport Non-NCCP activity 1 point/hour of activity up to 3
point maximum
To a maximum of 50% of required PD credit for the context in a certification renewal period

How can I check how many PD points I have?

Your PD points will appear on your transcript as long as your profile information (name, NCCP#, etc.) has been recorded correctly with the organizer of the event, and your profile is up-to-date on You can check your profile and points by logging into and using your NCCP# to check your transcript. Remember that PD points will only appear on your transcript after the data has been entered in the Locker by Softball Saskatchewan or Softball Canada. When you are on your NCCP transcript, on the left hand side there is a section called "Maintenance." Click there and follow the prompts. It will show which events you have attended as well as your certification deadline, number of points attained, and number of points required.

  What if I am certified in 
  other sports and/or multiple
  contexts in softball?

   The PD points you earn will apply to all sports’
   requirements. The coach needs to accumulate
   the highest number of required PD points. You
   only need to earn the higher number of required
   PD points. For example, if you have “Certified”
   status in both Instruction contexts, you will need
   to acquire 20 points to maintain your Certification
   in both contexts.

  What happens to my NCCP
  Certification if I do not
  complete the required PD in
  the time allowed?

   Your transcript would show that your “Certified”
   status has not been renewed. Requirements to
   regain your NCCP Certification will continue to be
   worked out by Softball Saskatchewan/Softball
   Canada through this first PD cycle (2014-2019).

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