Ethel Boyce Achievement Award

  History and Qualifications

   Mrs. Ruth A. Laing created the Ethel Boyce Achievement Award in 1998
   through a donation in the memory of her sister, Miss Ethel Phoebe Boyce.
   Miss Boyce was an avid softball player who had a professional and
   personal interest in people. She was particularly interested in young people
   and helping them to succeed in life.

   The award is administered by Softball Canada and is given annually,
   awarded to a female and male recipient. It is expected that the award 
   winners will have exhibited leadership traits and skills in softball. Both
   recipients receive $1,000. The award is meant to help defray the costs of
   education and/or playing softball. The award winners will be announced at
   the annual Softball Canada Congress (formerly known as the Annual
   General Meeting).

   To qualify for this award, the applicant must be registered with a
   provincial/territorial association, a resident of the province or territory, and
   either in attendance at a recognized Canadian post secondary educational
   institution or planning on attending one the following year.

   For more information please visit the Softball Canada website here. Softball
   Canada, on September 15 of each year, must receive a letter of
   application,    a completed application form, along with a letter of
   endorsement from the provincial/territorial office. Reference letter(s) must
   be included whenever possible.

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