SAFE Star Saskatchewan

  What is SAFE Star?

   Softball Saskatchewan is pleased to announce a new Best
   Practices Program for Softball associations in Saskatchwan.

   The SAFE Star Program was originally designed by Softball
   Ontario and adopted by Softball Canada for use by all
   Provinces/Territories on an individual basis in the hopes of
   promoting best practices in Softball Association management
   and administration.

   The SAFE Star Program is a quality assurance program that
   will award Softball Associations with a Star rating from one (1)
   to three (3), based on a series of standards in four categories:

   1) Organizational Development
   2) Volunteer Development
   3) Long Term Player Development
   4) Provincial Participation

   Softball Associations who receive a SAFE Star Rating will be 
   able to promote themselves as a "SAFE Star Rated Softball
   Association," and they will receive free promotional materials
   to assist them in marketing their programs to the public. The promotional materials and the SAFE Star Rating will help softball associations to build a better brand for themselves. These softball associations will also benefit from a greater perceived quality of programs available. Please click here for the User Guide or click here for the Application. If you have any questions, please contact Guy at (306) 780-9235 or

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