Softball Canada Rule Changes

Effective 2019

For the FULL LIST of rule changes and interpretations click below:

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1. Helmets

  • For all male and female U16 and below age groups, all on deck batters, batters and baserunners must have an attached face mask.
  • Protective Face Masks will now be required for Pitchers in all male and female U12 age groups and below.

2. Changes to defensive delays resulting from players leaving their positions to confer.

3. Temporary Strike Zone Rule which was trialed in 2018 was adopted for 2019.

4. Pitching Rules for U16 male and female that were on trial in 2018 are now adopted for 2019. that were on trial

5. Intentional Walk(s)

  • If the defense wishes to walk a batter intentionally without pitching four balls, they may do so by notifying the plate umpire who shall award the batter first base. In this situation, the ball is dead and notification to the umpire shall be considered a pitch for the purpose of this rule. Teams may still elect to throw four balls.
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