Bid to Host

Western Canadian Softball Championships

Softball Saskatchewan is seeking Hosts for the 2018 U19 Boys and Girls and
the Master Men’s Western Canadian Softball Championships. Check out this
link for more information related to bidding on these Championships.

Forms and Deadlines

Form Deadline
2019 Western Canadian Softball Championship Hosting Criteria October 1, 2018
2018 Provincial Championships  
2018 5-Session CANpitch Clinic  
2018 3 Week SASKhit Clinics  
2018 Softball Fever Camp  
2018 Community Softball Coach Clinic  
2018 Competition Introduction  
2018 Umpire Certification Clinic  
2018 LTP Orientation  
2018 U10 Co-ed Festival  
2018 1-Day SASKhit/CANpitch/CAtching Clinic  

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